• Image of Cities A.D "Ombre claire" CS30 / K7 (Crudités Tapes / SDZ - CRU 015)

Cities A.D. is a Belgian band born from the collaboration between Sébastien Schmit (Neptunian Maximalism, K-branding, etc.) and Phil Maggi (Ultraphallus, Iva Bedlam, etc.). The music present on this first album "Ombre Claire" was entirely elaborated by correspondence between Brussels and Liege during the year 2020.

"Ombre claire" takes to the throat from the first track. One falls into the abyss. From one pole to the other, from beginning to end the album burns with a dark and experimental pop, soaked in the first Young Gods or Sprung Aus Den Wolken as much as in some dada escapes of DDAA.

We are struck by lyrics in free flow, dense textures, a certain taste for percussion in all the senses of the term and even a form of lyricism crushed under the weight of the time. Songs sometimes becomes murmur or cold incantation. But the seasons change and with the warm breaths one spins in stifling immensities before falling back into the black box, an acid taste in the mind.

"Ombre Claire" is like a cinematographic fresco, a psychedelic fiction that I invite you to discover.